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Online Yin Yoga
Teacher Training

Course Highlights

Total Days:
September Month

Batch 1 :10-09-2024 to 08-10-2024
Time: 11am to 1pm

Batch 2 :21-09-2024 to 18-10-2024
Time: 6pm to 8pm

October Month

Batch 1 : 10-10-2024 to 08-11-2024
Time: 7am to 9am

Batch 2 : 21-10-2024 to 18-11-2024
Time: 3pm to 5pm

Batch size: 10-15

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga teaching

Unlock the Secrets of Yin Yoga Mastery and become a certified yin yoga instructor in 60 hrs!

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? Yogakulam is excited to offer you an incredible opportunity

The 60 hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training is a transformative journey designed to immerse you in the world of Yin Yoga.

  • Embrace the ancient Siddha tradition, which led to the origin of Yin Yoga, and gain an all-around grasp of its principles and practices.
  • The program is designed to provide you with a holistic understanding of yin yoga covering both physical and profound philosophical aspects of Yin Yoga.
  • An enriching curriculum that covers a spectrum of vital topics, including anatomy, meditation, and mindfulness.
  • Master captivating sequences and postures that harmonize the body and mind.
  • Elevate your personal practice and equip yourself with the skills and wisdom to share the magic of Yin Yoga.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is not just a physical practice, but a journey towards inner transformation. It has it’s origins in the Ancient Siddha Tradition of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is a state in India located in the south.

Siddha medicine is one of the oldest systems of medicine in India. It’s a traditional system that combines ancient medicinal practices, spiritual disciplines, alchemy, and mysticism.

Yin yoga focuses on long-held passive floor poses that target the connective tissues in the body and stimulate the flow of energy.

By allowing the body to relax deeply, Yin Yoga cultivates a sense of calmness and balance, while also enhancing flexibility and improving joint health.

It helps to find the balance between the opposing energies of Ida and Pingala in our bodies. It creates a safe place to practice letting go, not just of the physical tension you feel when you practice postures but also the idea and the need that you have to control things. Letting go of difficult emotions and thoughts.

Unlike more active forms of yoga, like yang which consists of Vinyasa flow, or Ashtanga yoga which focus on muscular strength. Yin yoga takes a gentler approach to strengthening and lengthening, but it doesn’t target our muscles. Instead, it targets connective tissues of the body, such as ligaments, tendons, and fascia.

Yin Yoga teaching nepal
Yin Yoga teaching nepal

Unleash Your Full Potential

During this training course, we cover both the physical and philosophical aspects of Yin Yoga. This means you will not only deepen your own practice but also gain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively teach others. Our experienced and dedicated teachers will guide you through a range of topics, including:

Anatomy: Understand the inner workings of the body and how Yin Yoga affects different systems.

Meditation: Cultivate a peaceful mind through meditation techniques.

Mindfulness: Learn how to stay present and attentive during your practice and in life.

Postures and Sequences: Explore mindful Yin Yoga postures and learn how to create effective sequences.

What makes this training a game-changer?

  • Whether you're a yoga instructor desiring to broaden your expertise or an enthusiast learning to deepen your practice, this course caters to all.
  • Embrace the profound effects of regular Yin Yoga practice on your physical vitality and psychological well-being. The extended time spent in poses encourages mindfulness and self-awareness. The slow and meditative nature of Yin Yoga encourages relaxation.
  • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals, share insights, and grow together on this transformative journey.
  • Our hands-on approach enables you to refine your teaching skills through practical experiences and guided group sessions. Develop the confidence and techniques necessary to effectively lead and inspire.
  • Becoming a certified Yin Yoga teacher opens up new career pathways. From personalized sessions to conducting workshops or online seminars, your expertise will open doors to diverse teaching opportunities.
  • Watch your potential rise as you become a sought-after expert. It gives you the credibility to charge higher rates and earn what you deserve.
  • Stay on top of the ever-evolving field of yoga, our training keeps you on the lead of the latest yoga practices and teaching methodologies.
  • Upon completing the course, you'll be awarded a prestigious certificate of completion. This recognition solidifies your status as a skilled Yin Yoga teacher and a professional in your field.
  • Embark on the Yogakulam’s esteemed Yin Yoga Teacher Training and unlock your potential as a knowledgeable, confident, and effective Yin Yoga teacher.
Yin Yoga teaching nepal

60 hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Course Details

Section -1

  • Introduction to yin yoga
  • What is yin yoga
  • Yin vs yang
  • True history of yin yoga
  • Principles of yin yoga
  • Basic guidelines for practice of yin yoga
  • Yin vs Restorative
  • Journey from known to unknown
  • The chakra

Section -2

Meridian system

  • Heart meridian
  • Kidney meridian
  • Large intestine meridian
  • Liver meridian
  • Lung s meridian
  • Pericardium Meridian
  • Small intestine Meridian
  • Spleem meridian
  • Stomach Meridian
  • Urinary bladder meridian

Section -3

  • Guided meditation
  • Nadi shodhan Pranayama
  • Yin yoga for stress & Anxiety
  • Yin yoga for Tight hips & Flexibility

Section -4

  • Anatomy of yin yoga
  • Skeleton Sysytem
  • Skeleton variation & segements
  • Proportion & Orientation
  • Theory of Tension & Compression
  • Connective tissues
  • Muscle group
  • Posterior vs Anterior Pelvic tilt

Section -5

  • Teaching yin yoga
  • Introduction of seven Archetypal poses
  • Usage of Props

Section -6

  • Postures for each meridian
  • Asana Families
  • Targeting areas

Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Throughout this programme of your certified yoga teacher training online, you will be trained by our efficient and experienced teachers with a prime motive to mold you into a better practitioner and an expert teacher. The evaluation is the final step of your Yin yoga teacher training journey. Every day is in fact a preparation for the final evaluation. Over the course period, our teachers would ensure that you are all set to be a certified yoga teacher. It is mandatory that you complete all 6 modules of the course. The assessment will be conducted in 3 segments: oral, written and practical. Though we call it ‘evaluation’, the process doesn’t have the stress of an examination. It is all about knowing how much you have learned during your journey.

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USD $600 /-

  • Early Bird Offer USD $ 500/-
  • Every day Two Hours One Sessions
  • 20 Days Course
  • Yoga Alliance Certification
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Things To Know

  • The training will be held online via Zoom
  • Contact Hours / Live Session Hours or Coaching Hours 40 Hours
  • Non Contact Hours / Self Study 25 Hours
  • All You need is a good wifi/ internet Connection and a drive to learn something new which can be life changing

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