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Online Face Yoga
Teacher Training

Course Highlights

Total Days:
July Month

Batch : 06-07-2024 to 21-07-2024
Time: 6.30am to 8.30am

Batch : 20-07-2024 to 07-08-2024
Time: 6am to 8am

Batch size: 10-15

Online Face Yoga Teacher Training

face yoga teaching

Help others find their true beauty: Join our Face Yoga Teacher Training Program!

True beauty radiates from the soul. The warmth and care that your carry in your heart makes your aura beautiful. Discover a more radiant and beautiful version of yourself with face yoga.

A practice that not only rejuvenates your face but also brings mindfulness and relaxation. It targets the very muscles that define your facial contours and expressions. Embrace a natural and holistic approach to enhancing facial beauty.

15 days Accredited International Face Yoga Teacher Training Program!

  • Learn the secrets of face yoga from experts. By enrolling in our Face Yoga Teacher Training course, you will gain the knowledge and skills to lift, tone, and sculpt facial muscles.
  • You will become well-versed in the techniques that have been used for centuries to promote youthfulness and radiance.
  • With this valuable expertise, you will have the power to transform not only your own face but also the lives of others. You will be equipped to guide others toward their own beauty journey.
  • This certified course will give you the opportunity to start something new and exciting! You can teach people around the globe with this certification.
  • You can also sign up for an online course and start learning anytime you want. At your own place and your own pace.
  • We won’t forget about you after completion of the course, once a part of the Yogakulam family you will always remain a part of it! Join our community of like-minded individuals around the globe.
  • We take each and every member of our community seriously and give them special attention. All your doubts and queries will be resolved immediately.

What is face yoga?

Face yoga includes a series of exercises and techniques that are meticulously curated to sculpt and nurture the muscles of your face and neck. Facial exercises that target specific facial muscles. Learn gentle massages to promote blood circulation, reduce tension in your muscles, and increase lymphatic drainage.

Get to know the different acupressure points to stimulate energy flow and relaxation. Similar to traditional yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation also play a role in face yoga.

face yoga teaching nepal
face yoga teaching nepal

Why join Face Yoga Teacher Training Course?

  • The benefits of becoming a certified Face Yoga teacher extend far beyond personal growth and self-improvement.
  • You can also help others with personal face yoga sessions, conduct group workshops, or even create your own online courses. The opportunities are limitless, and the demand for this natural and effective method of facial enhancement continues to grow.
  • Yogakulam will help you master face yoga poses with simplicity and clarity.
  • Learn targeted yoga for different facial zones, forehead, eyes, mid-face, lips, chin, and jawline.
  • Join a global community of enthusiastic face yoga instructors.

You will learn about

  • Introduction to face yoga
  • Benefits of face yoga
  • Face anatomy
  • General guidelines for better results.
  • Activation of the mouth's circular muscles.
  • Activation of the eye and eye Circular muscles
  • Activation of the forehead, the area between the eyebrows and the temple Releasing the tension in the jaw
  • Breathing exercises, kriyas, and Mudra
  • Acupressure Points & various Massage Techniques.
  • Skin tests & Home remedies for a beautiful looking skin
face yoga teaching nepal

Who can join?

  • You can join our course even if you are a complete beginner. You will learn all the basic techniques of face yoga.
  • You are a trained yoga instructor and want to upskill.
  • You just want to learn how to naturally sculpt your face and rejuvenate. A natural remedy to risky cosmetic procedures.
  • You want to help others become confident and gain true beauty. And you find face yoga as a holistic approach to beauty and well-being.
face yoga teaching nepal
yoga teaching nepal

Benefits of Face Yoga

Sculpted Radiance - Get the chiseled look! Exercises that strengthen and define your facial muscles.

Youthful appearance - Helps tone muscles and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Helps firm sagging cheeks and jowls. Target puffy eyes, frown lines, and forehead wrinkles and achieve a snatched look.

Tension Relief - Gently release tension and exude a calm and tranquil glow!

Glass Skin - Get the trending glass skin effect without using expensive creams and serums with face yoga. Face yoga helps increase blood flow and oxygen to the skin giving you an ethereal glow.

Lymphatic drainage - Detoxify naturally as face yoga helps promote lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and revitalizing appearance.

Holistic health - Face yoga not just affects the face but your entire body. It has been proven to affect the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands. The neck exercise affects the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Ayurveda believes every part of the face is connected to a different organ. Hence face yoga offers benefits for the entire body.

yoga teaching nepal

How does face yoga work?

Face yoga is like strength training for your face! It works out the facial muscles and with repetition, you will notice your face muscles and skin start to tighten. By stimulating the muscles it helps tone and tighten the muscles. It helps heal your skin with increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to make it glowing. It releases stress and tension that we tend to hold in our faces.

The Yogakulam is committed to providing you with the highest quality education and support as you embark on this new journey.

Join our Face Yoga course here

Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Throughout this programme of your certified yoga teacher training online, you will be trained by our efficient and experienced teachers with a prime motive to mold you into a better practitioner and an expert teacher. The evaluation is the final step of your Face yoga teacher training journey. Every day is in fact a preparation for the final evaluation. Over the course period, our teachers would ensure that you are all set to be a certified yoga teacher. It is mandatory that you complete all 6 modules of the course. The assessment will be conducted in 3 segments: oral, written and practical. Though we call it ‘evaluation’, the process doesn’t have the stress of an examination. It is all about knowing how much you have learned during your journey.

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USD $600 /-

  • Early Bird Offer USD $ 500/-
  • Every day Two Hours One Sessions
  • 15 Days Course
  • Yoga Alliance Certification
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Things To Know

  • The training will be held online via Zoom
  • Contact Hours / Live Session Hours or Coaching Hours 30 Hours
  • Non Contact Hours / Self Study 25 Hours
  • All You need is a good wifi/ internet Connection and a drive to learn something new which can be life changing

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