Yogakulam Academy
Da Yatra St,
Pokhara, Bengaluru 33700
Yogakulam Academy
Da Yatra St,
Pokhara, Bengaluru 33700

Regular Yoga Classes India

Course Highlights

Daily one Hour Online Classes
#16, P&T Colony, Opp Police Station, RT Nagar, Bengaluru, 560032
Batch Timings
6 AM - 07 AM
6PM - 7PM
Batch size: 10-15

Highlights of the Course

We at Yogakulam Academy are determined to bring you a perfect yoga experience right in your home. To help you carry on with your yoga practice in line with the COVID-19 social distancing norms, we have started live yoga classes aimed to keep you in the best of spirits.

Crafted and guided by experienced and exceptional yoga masters, our live yoga classes online give you the flexibility and the opportunity to progress in the path of self-improvement and self-discovery from the coziness of your home.

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The benefit of our one on one live streaming yoga classes are:

  • You receive the full attention and focus from the instructor during your yoga session.
  • One on one live yoga classes are excellent for beginners where you can learn at your own pace.
  • Schedule a yoga class whenever you want with no time constraints.
  • Tailor the class to your limitation, goals, and health concerns.

The instructor will focus on only you, carefully and skilfully guide you from the start until the end of the yoga class and make sure you have the best yoga experience.

Pranayama Classes Online

Pranayama is breathwork. Prana means the breath and the various pranayamas (breath exercises) help in regulating breath (life-force) throughout the body. Optimum regulation of the breath through the body and in the right way is key to vitality, clarity, and excellent health.

Below are different kinds of pranayama we will be practicing:
  • Abdominal breathing,
  • Thoracic breathing,
  • Clavicular breathing,
  • Yogic breathing,
  • Nadi Shodhan,
  • Bhastrika,
  • Kapalbhati,
  • Ujjai

Live classes

Live Meditation Classes

Our online yoga training will introduce you to the ancient science of meditation. Meditation, meaning ‘dhyana,’ is one of the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga and comes later in the process of yoga. The first step is to calm and open the body through asana practice.

Why meditate?

Drastic reduction in stress levels Meditating regularly controls anxiety and promotes emotional well being Meditation also enhances self-awareness and increases concentration Promotes mental, physical and spiritual growth Helps cultivate kindness and compassion

Valuable Tips

You will receive many invaluable tips from our amazing instructors about how-to life a stress-free life, what is the best diet for a healthy life, and many other life-enhancing and simplifying suggestions and nudges.

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